Feelin' Snappy

2004-11-10 12:23 - Tech

I'm anally retentive about certain things. One of the big ones is arrangement of various program windows on my computer screen. Maximized windows are stupid, by the way, wasting lots of space. Many windows scattered around the screen properly can greatly enhance productivity and usability. When I'm doing my primary work of web development, I've got the web browser in one corner, the editor in the other, and then whatever I need along the edges left empty, often the directory the files I'm working on are located in. Note of course, my windows overlap but there's almost always a piece visible to make switching real easy.

But it's hard to arrange so many windows all over the place around the screen, cleanly. I can't help it, I care about using the last pixel. If I have it, I'm gonna use it! I found a wonderful piece of software called allSnap which is a life saver. Well, maybe an aggrivation saver. A few programs do this on their own, but this allows you to have windows automatically snap their edges directly together to other windows and edges of the screen. It's very configurable too. I love it, I love it to pieces! I've been using the newest beta version available there (1.31 Beta 3) and never had a problem with it. Highly reccommended.


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