Greylisting is Sweet!

2007-03-22 10:16 - Tech

So, first off, I know it isn't new. The official greylisting site links to a slashdot article from a few years ago, and I have a feeling I read that article. But, I've just gotten to it myself.

Back at the end of 2004, I was leaving my first job. Turns out, someone else working for the sister company of mine was also working on leaving, and he needed help to set up and run a web server. Long story short, I agreed to set up and maintain it; in exchange for getting to use the spare capacity for myself. This very website ran on that machine until just this month. They've finally got in-house tech people, want to switch to Exchange, etc, etc. So, I've got to hand over the keys.

Because I've got so much important stuff, I decided that I just couldn't leave it all there for someone else (and, someone else with no clue what they're doing, to boot) to potentially screw up. I finally bit the bullet and bought my own machine. And, since it was all my own, I got to set it up all exactly the way I wanted it. Plus with a few more years' experience.

I set up qmail, and discovered that the version Gentoo now installs is relally "netqmail" which comes with qmail-spp built in. One of the plugins was a greylisting plugin, and I looked into it and liked what I saw.

It's now running. There is a slight noticeable delay in the delivery of certain emails, and perhaps that will eventually irk me too much. But I've also managed to disable all of my RBL checks, and I haven't gotten a single spam since, flagged by SpamAssassin or not. Which seems pretty darn good to me!


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