I'm gettin a Mac Mini

2005-03-06 20:57 - Tech

Apple is a cult thing, love it or hate it. Of course a lot more people love it these days with the iPod out there, in its various flavors. I never liked the computers for various reasons. The whole one mouse button thing really gets to me, and a lot of the OS seemed strange.

But things change with time. These days there's OS X. It's unix based. Yum. I wanted to try it out ever since it was new. But, the other big detractor to Apple's computers stood in the way: price. Macs are expensive. Or, were. Nowadays there's the Mac Mini. Seems to be one of Apple's many recent wonderful business moves, because it's converted even me.

Yep, now that it's not so expensive I'm ready to enter the fray and try out a mac. One of the reasons it's cheap is that it has no monitor keyboard or mouse. You can be a convert and use your PC equipment. Of course the keyboards are different, but they still work, which is good to know. You can also upgrade the memory on your own which is quite nice, Apple charges a lot to get it straight from them.

From there, it's learning to switch from windows to mac. Which is really the point of the experiment. Will I really like it?


Now I've seen everything!
2005-03-09 13:30 - Lieuallen
Tony, with a Mac?! How did I miss the flying pigs?

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