Isn't Linux Cheaper Than Windows?

2007-05-24 17:24 - Tech

So, Dell started selling their machines with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed today. Sounds nifty on the surface. After all, Linux is free, while Windows costs somewhere around $100-$200, so the Linux machines should be way cheaper, right?

Well, (and oh I'm so sure these links will break, rapidly) price with Linux: $599. Price with Windows: $369. Just north of half the price.

De-selecting every optional purchase on the Linux machine (just buying no monitor, nothing else can be removed or downgraded) brings it down to $409. Which is actually a bit more fair; the truly bottom E530 model I linked above for Windows comes with no monitory by default. But still, that's $50 more. So, you're telling me that Windows costs negative fifty dollars? I find that difficult to swallow.


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