Long Live IPv6

2004-07-21 09:53 - Tech

It's a day tech-heads have been anticipating for some time. It's a day non-techies don't care about and probably don't know about. But I care, it's a very fun little nugget.

What am I talking about? Why IPv6 of course! What is it? It's the next big thing for the internet. It's benefits are widespread, major and subtle at the same time. The basic point is that IPv4 (What is in use now) is limited, to the point that it is beginning to cause problems. This leaves us with solutions like NAT to allow many computers to share one address, but workarounds like this cause problems. IPv6 expands the address space by such a large margin that it would actually allow for 100 million unique addresses per each square meter of the earth's surface. That's quite a few

And even more excitingly, the day is today. IPv6 has been in use for a while in a few niches, and by a few hobbyists, but the real rollout is coming. Seems nifty. I'm just not looking forward to the day I have to type "ping FEDC:BA98:7654:3210:FEDC:BA98:7654:3210" when I'm not sure if my DNS resolver is working or not.


2004-07-21 14:54 - tegs
More typing = evil
~ Tegs

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