Phishers Suck - eBay Version

2008-01-02 22:22 - Tech

So, I bought my mom a laptop for christmas. Her (main) desktop computer has been having issues for some time; it occasionally refuses to turn on or spontaneously reboots. I shopped for a while and found laptops not significantly more expensive, so I splurged.

And it got me in the mood. Even the low end machine I got her, enough for her needs was very nice. Nicer than my current laptop. So I started shopping for my own new machine, to soak up the cash I got from my grandmother. I'm pretty much settled on the Dell XPS M1330. I want something smaller than my current laptop, and that sure qualifies there. It can be upgraded to be a very very nice machine, and it has gotten favorable reviews overall, from what I can see. And I've looked.

To save money, I've started picking up Dell gift cards on eBay, for on average 10% less than they're worth there. And I'm getting phished as a result. I keep getting emails of, and my ebay and gmail usernames just happen to be the same. Lucky for me, it's dead obvious that this is a phish, because gmail is not my registered ebay address. In the past 37 hours, I've gotten 13 separate copies of this asinine mail. And just like spam, there's really nothing you can do. Worst, of course, is that this slips straight by all of gmail's filters. And into my inbox. Bleh.


2008-01-03 18:43 - killdeer

is that good or bad then?

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