2004-09-30 20:51 - Tech

There are a lot of webmail packages out there. I've used one particular one for a long time, it's a convenient way to access your messages from anywhere. These days, actually, I have all my mail copied to my Blackberry it's still something I like to have around, it's hard to type on those tiny things.

Like I said, I have used a particular webmail package for a long time. It's IMP which is part of the Horde Application Framework. Being part of that, I install some other apps with it, and the are integrated nicely. For anyone setting up a system like I have, I highly suggest it.

The brand spanking newest version, only available straight from their CVS, is head and shoulders above what's available for plain download from the website. The newest version as of today which I have just installed has a lot of nice graphical improvements too. Quite nice.


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