Windows XP Service Pack 2. Pathetic.

2004-08-10 13:57 - Tech

In short, what a big let down! For months through the usual Microsoft delays, people have been going ape-poopy over SP2 coming out. "It's such a major move towards better security," they said. "It breaks so many old applications," they said. Though they usually said that it was worth it. Well, if it actually did anything, perhaps it would be.

So what's new?

  1. Firewall
  2. Wireless support
  3. Internet Explorer changes
  4. System Level Protection

That's it, 4 things. The first one is just a minor upgrade from the one that came in SP1. The second is again, a minor upgrade from a base windows XP feature. The IE change is all of a built in pop up blocker, and to default to no on a few choices. That leaves us with the "System Level Protection" which seems to be made up of some hardware level buffer overflow protection, which is only functional on AMD Opterons, and a reduction in the negative potential of RPC (I believe only by virtue of new default firewall settings).

I must say I'm very underwhelmed. The download is 266 megabytes! And that's all they managed to fit in it? Pathetic.


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